Voice shapers are factors that can influence the quality of your voice features.

BREATHING. How do you breathe? Breathing means everything in the control and the quality of your voice. Learning to control the way you breathe is one of the key features of great voice delivery. There are simple exercises that you can do every day to improve not only your voice, but help you relax.

We breathe automatically, but when you explicitly change your breathing technique, you can make big changes in the way you feel and how you can use your voice. It’s not only singers who need to learn how to breathe.

This is why an emphasis is put on breathing in voice coach sessions, therapies and activities such as meditation.


You can’t change your body type, although through habits you can control your weight and muscle mass. Apart from that, there are other body influencers on your voice.

Body posture. The way you stand and position your head and throat have a big influence on the way your voice sounds. Just try speaking while bending down or lifting your head up. Now imagine being shown body postures that optimise your voice.

Facial expressions convey meaning and can be interpreted differently depending on the nationality of your audience. They also alter the way you sound. Opening your mouth wider or smiling while you talk changes your voice and a listener’s perception.


Although not an obvious area to focus on, it shouldn’t be a surprise that factors such as your diet, which includes eating healthily, alcoholic drink intake, exercise and smoking all have an effect on the quality and tone of your voice, both in the short and long term.

In English Voice Coaching I take a whole person approach to helping people find their perfect voice and changing the way they communicate and how they are perceived by others.

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