This is a new series called your FRIDAY Weekend Word. This will include words and phrases to make you sound more natural in English.

Only one new word a week?

Hopefully you also actively seek out other ones yourself. 

But, at the very least, that’s 52 special words in a year.

Small increases lead to big changes if you are consistent. 

This week the phrase is Thank God It’s Friday, or TGIF.

And you can use the acronym in written and spoken English.  T.G.I.F.
– Glad it’s the last day of the week Oliver.
– Yes, TGIF !

  As you can imagine, this is a popular phrase in our 5-day working week culture in the West.  You work 5 days, which are supposed to be unpleasant rather than fun and productive, and then you can enjoy the 2-day weekend, which is lovely and is what you look forward to starting very Monday at 9am. 

So TGIF. Have a great weekend!!  

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