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The 5 Key strategies of successful Bilingual Families

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With more and more mixed nationality international families around the world, there is a growing need for advice for families that want to raise their child speaking two or more languages.

This book provides the framework that you have been waiting for; a step-by-step guide that gives practical and easy to follow strategies for raising your child in your native language.

The Five Key Strategies are set out in a logical order for you to work through one by one. Families that follow them will have the highest possible chance of successfully bringing up bilingual children.

It can seem like a massive challenge, but whatever family situation you are in, and whatever language you want to pass on, this practical guidebook will help get you there. And with a website and a blog that charts the author’s successful experience with his son in Spain, you can see for yourself how it is done.

Do everything in the language with your children and the acquisition will take care of itself.

By Simon Brampton